Cole Heideman

Frontend Web Developer

3d digital representation of smiling bald bearded man with glasses (me)

I'm passionate about learning new things and solving problems with code. When I'm not coding you'll find me improving my German, playing guitar, or gaming.

Languages & Frameworks:

  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • React
  • Next.js
  • Tailwind
  • Bootstrap
  • SASS


  • Git
  • Linux CLI
  • VS Code
  • VMBox
  • Wordpress
  • Firebase
  • Vercel


an image depicting a greyer background half which contains a few listed beers to be rated, and a bright modal open on the right with a form for rating.


A React app to conduct online beer tastings. Styled with Tailwind, backend and auth handled through Firebase. Full CRUD functionality.

a simple UI with an input and search button, a list of results, and a card giving stats on the selected result

Overwatch Main Report

A react typescript app utilizing the Overfast API to fetch account-level Overwatch hero reports. Styled with Tailwind.

a 16 by 16 grid of squares with some squares colored randomly and some squares colored black. On the left side are buttons to change the color, clear the grid, change the grid size, or enable a random color mode.


Web app DOM manipulation exercise written in vanilla javascript.

This portfolio is a next.js app utilizing typescript styled with tailwind. Check it out on github here.

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